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Stinky Skunk Plush

Stinky Skunk Plush

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As soon as we see a skunk, our natural instinct is to run for it, in the complete other direction. But not with STINKY. On the contrary, we want to run right to it and squeeze it! Don't be fooled by the name, it's not too smelly, promise!

Made of delicate cotton and linen, this gorgeous plush is cute, soft and comforting. As a squishable friend or simply a decorative accent piece, it will fit perfectly in any little one's room. Not only will add a little something something to their rooms, but it will also be a friend to hold tight once bedtime comes around.

Get dressed to the nines to have your best friends over. They have migrated from their ludic and fun homes in the forest and are on their way to add a little sunshine in your day. The TUXEDO collection is a mix of neutral and vibrant colours that will light up any room in your home, with a touch of class, while staying childish to the great delight of your little ones.

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